Transportation of groupage goods

Transportation of groupage goods

The company INTEGRAL TRANS LOGISTICS GMBH has been providing services for international transportation of cargoes since its founding. Our warehouse and technical infrastructure makes it possible to cost-effectively deliver goods from different places from different consignors to different consignees, consolidating them in a single road train. Well-organized logistics reduces the time of delivery of cargoes.

How it works
We collect goods in the European Union countries using primarily our own transport. A modern fleet of vehicles with German number plates, registration of the company in the German jurisdiction make us independent of obtaining permits, as well as allow us to freely carry out transportation within the EU. We are responsible for the delivery of groupage cargo from the moment it is loaded, without involving subcontractors.

Consolidation of groopage goods at our own warehouse in the European Union. Preliminary consolidation of cargoes is available at the partner warehouse in Germany. Primary consolidation is carried out at our own warehouse in Biala Podlaska, Poland.
Customs clearance. A dedicated customs agent works at our warehouse in Biala Podlaska who is engaged in customs clearance of only those goods that are delivered by our company. We execute the EU export documents (EX, T1).
Optimal logistics and acceptable time of delivery. The road train traffic diagram that we have been using for years allows us to get from EU countries to the CIS countries with minimum delays. We can ensure groupage cargo traffic 24 hours a day, except for the time spent on customs clearance, without violations of the labor legislation, weakening security or compromising the safety of the cargo (we do not transfer the cargo).
Technical support throughout the whole distance between the European Union and Kazakhstan. Technical support stations of INTEGRAL TRANS LOGISTICS GMBH are located in Germany, Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan. They provide uninterrupted movement of cargo on the highway by keeping rolling stock in good condition.
Large volumes and regularity of traffic. Our road trains cross the border of the European Union and the Customs Union every day. Your groupage cargo will not wait for a ride for weeks.
Insurance for 5,000,000 euros. The responsibility of the carrier and freight forwarder is insured for a considerable amount by the German company KRAVAG. You can entrust your valuable cargo to us.
Honest and transparent informing on the movement of cargo. We keep the customer informed of road train movement and provide GPS-tracking data. Our credo is not to hide the problems, but prevent them.

Door-to-door delivery. We deliver groupage cargo directly to the consignee.

Contact our manager by phone or via an online form and find out approximate time and cost of transportation from the EU countries to the CIS countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. We are responsible for the cargo along its way from the consignor to the consignee.