Customs clearance

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is one of the most important moments in international road transportation. The validity of the documents guarantees avoiding problems at the border, which reduces the time of delivery.

The company INTEGRAL TRANS LOGISTICS GMBH benefits from its German jurisdiction. With unlimited access to permits, we do not overload the load and not reissued documents. With unrestricted access to trilateral permits we do not transfer the cargo or renew the documents.

In our warehouse in Poland operates a personal customs agent, which deals only with goods INTEGRAL TRANS LOGISTICS GMBH. A personal customs agent is working at the warehouse and handling only the goods of INTEGRAL TRANS LOGISTICS GMBH

 In the EU
 We execute all relevant documents for the export of goods from the European Union:

  • export declarations (EX1);
  • transit guarantees (Т1, Т2);
  • TIR Carnets (CARNET, TIR) and CMR waybills.

Contact our manager by phone or via an online form to inform about the features of your cargo and delivery route, and we will share all the nuances of customs clearance and choose the best way to execute the documents for your case.